A Collective Virtual Journey

A guided virtual learning experience where you will explore the colonial foundation of the mental health profession, uncover ways to help Black folks heal from race-based trauma and gain access to the tools needed to provide therapy that liberates.

Gain access to 8 pre-recorded lectures and readings to explore on your own time. Engage with a learning partner weekly. Deepen your understanding in 4 virtual group consultation sessions.



"This training was brilliant and so impactful. It was exactly what I was looking for to take my work deeper. I had been thinking of these ideas in a very fragmented way with no real mental organization. Shawna's program allowed me to know that my world view was supported and there is a huge body of knowledge that supports coming out of a Eurocentric worldview and transitioning to a holistic Afrocentric worldview. Her efforts to create a village for the healing of our community is truly amazing. "

Sonia Ross, LCSW-C
Private Practice Owner

"I’m not the same person after these sessions. As a Black non-binary individual, I can understand the process of liberation in my own growth, and how to better take that back to the community I serve."

Randall Leonard, LCSW-C
Behavioral Health Clinician & Trainer

"[This training] should be mandatory. The thought of not doing this training if you have the chance, to me, seems like directly causing harm. It pushes you in the best way. I feel so much growth already in such a short time but was pushed in a way that was comforting and safe. [Shawna] called in white people in a way that didn't alienate anyone. She named things that were happening which was powerful. Also, you could tell she was being her true self. She also was so validating, gracious, and humble...engaged with comments in the chat so well! Not only has this training changing changed the way I intend to practice, it has changed my life."

Gabby Witte, LCSW
Private Practice Owner

"Your mind will be blown. Edges snatched. And then when the dust settles, you see yourself to rebuild and move forward. For yourself and those you hold space."

Crystal Joseph, LCPC, LPC, ACS
Private Practice Owner

"Shawna Murray-Browne has created a course that has so much to offer as she blends potent historical data, an incisive and thoughtful critique of the institution of psychotherapy, exposure to black theorists, communities and activists with their healing rituals and possibilities. The heart of this course is her Liberation Focused Healing Framework which goes beyond critique of dominant psychotherapy models and methods to point the white therapist in the direction of self-reflection and anti-racist practices that question the very nature of psychotherapy as many of us understand it. She does this with wisdom, humor, clarity, forcefulness, and frankness as she instructs us not to "follow her" but to grapple with the ideas and practices she offers and to reflect on ourselves as white therapists."

Michele Bograd, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

"This training is a must for all White-identified clinicians. If you are looking for guidance in how to work with Black folx and Non-Black folx of color in a way that uplifts their experience and limits harm, this is it. This is not a one and done sort of deal. This is lifelong work, work you will be committed to continuing by the end of this training. Shawna excites you, inspires you, and begins to forge a new way forward, one where White clinicians will understand what it means to be Liberation-focused and what our role in this critically necessary work is. Shawna is a revolutionary leader in our field. Do not miss this opportunity!"

Matthew Spector, MA, AMFT
Private Practitioner

"If you're ready for your edges to be completely snatched and to unlearn what you were taught in social work/counseling programs, get ready! Shawna is DA BOMB!!! Coming from an HBCU this was a great refresher that went deeper and further with the instruction I received. I now have a toolbox for my mind, personal use and folx I hold space for to use in our therapeutic relationship. You NEED this training for yourself, your practice and community agency or organization."

Desiree Israel, LCSW-C
Perinatal Mental Health Practitioner

What You'll Learn...

In Module 1, Whitewashed Wellness, the colonial foundation of the mental health and human service sector in the United States.

In Module 2, History of Black Healing + Resistance, how Black folks healed themselves through enslavement and how their collective fight is relevant to the African American health today.

In Module 3, Decolonizing Concepts of Gender and Justice in Healing, (led by Tavi Hawn, LCSW-C) knowledge of gender understandings prior to colonization and consider creative ways to use professional and academic privilege to support the liberation of our Black Transwomen, Two-spirits and Indigenous women.

In Module 4, Modern Mental Health Needs of Black Folks, the present day implications of historical trauma and demystify mental health challenges prevalent in the Black community to include race-based trauma, internalized oppression, racial battle fatigue and suicide.

In Module 5, Black Thought in Psychology and Social Work, the insight, theories and practices of Black scholar trailblazers in the mental health field.

In Module 6, Liberation-Focused Healing Framework, the major tenets of liberation-focused healing, why each is important and what steps should be taken to apply the concepts in clinical practice.

In Module 7, Healing and Raising Critical Consciousness, how to apply the framework in client scenarios; treatment planning, treatment modalities and processing. We will discuss how to move from crisis to the development of critical consciousness in a client.

In Module 8, Locating Self as Practitioner, what it takes to embody these concepts to heal yourself so you can hold space for your client's healing.

Are You Ready to Go Deep?

Finally, the insight and support you've been waiting for.

About Your Instructor

Shawna Murray-Browne, LCSW-C is a liberation-focused healing practitioner, integrative psychotherapist, QiGong instructor and consultant. Countless hours at the feet of her elders and over 11 years of clinical experience serving Baltimore's Black women, children and change-makers, she has been uniquely poised as a sought after expert in racial equity and community healing.


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